Monday, April 12, 2010

National Library Week

This is it! The most important week of all.* National Library Week is April 11-17 this year, and it's a great time to check out** the myriad resources your local library has to offer.

If you already use the library to check out books, did you know that we also offer thousands of DVD and VHS movies, both feature films and documentaries?

If you check out movies from the library, did you know we have music CDs and audiobooks?

If you bring your children to Preschool Storytime and Family Fun Nights, did you know that we also offer programs for adults like Cultural Safari, computer classes, book clubs and more?

In addition to the above, we also have art displays by local artists, free public computers with Internet access, over 50 magazines and newspapers for adults, teens and children, board games and puzzles, community information, job search and resume help, contests, clubs for knitting, Mah Jong, gardening, and much more.

And if you already use all of those library resources, remember that NLW is a great time for one other thing: spreading the word. If you have a friend, relative or neighbor who can benefit from something the library offers -- and that's everyone -- bring them with you next time!

*Though I may be biased.
**Pun intended.

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