Monday, March 29, 2010

New Non-fiction

Our non-fiction section covers everything under the sun. Just pick a Dewey number and browse for a few minutes and you're sure to find something fascinating!
New arrivals this week include:

  • Slow Death by Rubber Duck by Rick Smith and Bruce Lourie - This book about "the secret danger of everyday things" suggests how to protect yourself from harmful chemicals found in common objects.

  • Difficult Personalities by Helen McGrath and Hazel Edwards - Learn to deal with frustrating and annoying people -- or make yourself easier to live with.

  • Guantanamo, USA by Stephen Schwab - Long before Guantanamo Bay made headlines, Guantanamo was causing controversy and making history as America's first foreign naval base after the Spanish-American war.

  • The Diabetic Pastry Chef by Stacey Harris - Over 200 recipes for sweet treats that anyone can enjoy.

  • The Top 50 Questions Kids Ask by Susan Bartell - Answers that will please both parents and children for questions about fear, money, religion, boundaries, and more. We have a pre-K - 2nd grade edition as well as a 3rd - 5th grade edition.

Happy reading!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The FroggyOne Ribbits

Can you imagine a world without libraries? I shudder to think of such a possibility for libraries have always played an important role in my life. As a child in a very small S. C. town, I remember my excitement the day the bookmobile was scheduled visit. Years later when my hometown rated a small branch in the Aiken-Bamberg-Barnwell-Edgefield Regional Library System (SC), I was a constant customer. In high school I was a member of the Library Club, at college I worked as a student assistant in the college library, and the summer after my sophomore year, I served as a library intern in the ABBE system. How appropriate it was one week to ride the bookmobile route as a librarian-in-training and see that same joy I’d felt years ago on the face of others.

The dictionary defines a library as a place set apart to contain books, periodicals, and other material for reading, viewing, listening, study, or reference. But it is so much more. It’s a refuge for many – a place where fears and hardships can be temporarily forgotten as well as the place where solutions can be found, where a newcomer can feel ‘at home,’ a second home to someone whose home life is unhappy. It’s a place to stay in touch with the world through newspapers and the Internet. A library can be a child’s first step towards recognizing there’s a big, big world around them, a calm place to complete an assignment, the location of a special program to enhance your life, the opportunity to see a movie when your wallet is wearing thin, an island of sanity in a crazy world.

So when you’re having one of those days when it seems you’re not making a difference and all the questions seem to be more than a little off-beat and no one seem to appreciate your efforts, remember you are part of a very vital institution of our society. As Germaine Greer said “Libraries are reservoirs of strength, grace and wit, reminders of order, calm and continuity, lakes of mental energy, neither warm nor cold, light nor dark. The pleasure they give is steady, reliable, deep and long-lasting.”

Monday, March 22, 2010

Free Gardening Workshop-All About Orchids

Oncidium Splendidum...Rhynchostylis coelestes...try saying that 10 times fast!

Did you know that there are over 20,ooo species of orchids and that they come in every color combination that you can think of? And, contrary to popular belief a black orchid does not exist.

You can find out more amazing facts and everything else you can possibly think of about this flower by joining us on Thursday, April 1st at 11 a.m. at the Socastee Library. This free gardening workshop will feature guest speaker, Ralph Billeter and he'll be here to answer your questions. He will also have many of his own personal orchids on display.

Can't make the workshop, then be sure to check out some of the following books about orchids:

"300 Orchids: Species, Hybrids, and Varieties in Cultivation" by Jane Boosey
"Easy Orchids: Simple Secrets for Glorious Gardens-Indoors and Out" by Mimi Luebbermann
"Growing & Displaying Orchids" by Wilma Rittershausen
"Growing Orchids is Fun" by Albert P. Hollingsworth
"Miniature Orchids" by Steven A. Frowine
"Orchid Fever" by Eric Hansen

The Socastee Library Garden Club would love to have you as a member! Join them for their monthly meeting at 10:30 a.m. on Thursday, April 1st. Share tips with fellow gardening enthusiasts and help make the gardens of your library beautiful!


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Upcoming Destinations

We had a great time touring China today in Cultural Safari. The program for this year ends in April, so be sure to accompany us on our next few destinations!
  • Thursday, March 18, we'll celebrate a belated St. Patrick's Day by touring West Ireland with Rick Steves.
  • Thursday, March 25, special guest Debi McKenzie will give a presentation on "Laughing Away Stress.
  • Thursday, April 8, saxophonist Shenole Latimer will be here to explain "What's All That Jazz About?"
  • Thursday, April 15, we'll visit Athens and the Peloponnese, and
  • Thursday, April 22, we'll have our last Safari of the year in beautiful Provence.

All Cultural Safaris meet from 12:00 noon to 1:00PM. Ask a library staff member if you have any questions. We hope to see you there!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Spring is almost here, and maybe you're ready for some spring cleaning like I am. Did you know that the library has lots of resources to help you clear the clutter and get organized? You can check these out at the library or request them through our catalog:

For more titles, search our catalog for "home organization" or browse the shelves at 648.8. Happy organizing!


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Amazing Facts - just for fun

Mental Floss has an Amazing Fact Generator that's guaranteed to entertain and enlighten for hours. Visit it here:
If you're interested in more from this fun magazine, check the periodical shelves at Socastee Library! Click here to see a list of all magazines and newspapers at Horry County libraries.