Monday, March 29, 2010

New Non-fiction

Our non-fiction section covers everything under the sun. Just pick a Dewey number and browse for a few minutes and you're sure to find something fascinating!
New arrivals this week include:

  • Slow Death by Rubber Duck by Rick Smith and Bruce Lourie - This book about "the secret danger of everyday things" suggests how to protect yourself from harmful chemicals found in common objects.

  • Difficult Personalities by Helen McGrath and Hazel Edwards - Learn to deal with frustrating and annoying people -- or make yourself easier to live with.

  • Guantanamo, USA by Stephen Schwab - Long before Guantanamo Bay made headlines, Guantanamo was causing controversy and making history as America's first foreign naval base after the Spanish-American war.

  • The Diabetic Pastry Chef by Stacey Harris - Over 200 recipes for sweet treats that anyone can enjoy.

  • The Top 50 Questions Kids Ask by Susan Bartell - Answers that will please both parents and children for questions about fear, money, religion, boundaries, and more. We have a pre-K - 2nd grade edition as well as a 3rd - 5th grade edition.

Happy reading!

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