Thursday, April 22, 2010

Food for Thought -Again

I was asked once again to write another blog. I must have done an ok job with first blog if I am being asked to write a second one. Who knows?? The 1st blog that I wrote (well, the one and only blog I wrote) was about food – sort of. If you remember correctly I like food. I enjoy making food and I definitely enjoy eating food. We here at Socastee Library even have a patron who brings in cookies every other week. That’s right, every other week; 4 dozen delicious chocolate chip cookies get delivered to our branch. I swear the patron has to own stock in chocolate chips. How am I to lose weight working here?? I have NO will power.

So, In keeping with the “food” theme, I enjoyed reading another book: “Crepes by Suzette” by Monica Wellington. Yes, another children’s book about food. This one is about a young girl named Suzette who sells various types of crepes day and night throughout Paris. The best part about Crepes is the different varieties you can make plus they are very easy to make. My personal favorite crepe, of course, is with chocolate chips and whip cream. The possibilities are endless of the different crepes you can make. I am hungry just typing this blog. Funny how I mentioned the chocolate chip cookie lady and now I am talking about chocolate chip crepes-I guess there is a theme here. The book also included the recipe which convenient. No, I am not including the recipe here; you have to check out the book yourselves! (Bon App├ętit): Below are my thoughts on crepes:

Can eat and enjoy morning, noon or night!

Refrigerate unused batter for up to 2 days.

Eat them with chocolate and whip cream (DELICIOUS!!).

Prepare them ahead of time and eat them later.

Eat them with chocolate and whip cream (it bears repeating).

Share w/your friends and family or NOT.

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