Wednesday, April 13, 2011

National Library Week - About Reading

You sometimes hear authors being described as "writer's writers." These are the writers who can pick the perfect word or turn a phrase like no one else, writers whom other writers read out of admiration, or out of jealousy. They're not always the most popular writers, but are among the most respected and lauded.

Although he's certainly a great writer with a style all his own, I think of Pat Conroy as a "reader's writer" -- someone who understands exactly why we read, and writes exactly that. My Reading Life is Conroy's love letter to the books and people who shaped him. Going through My Reading Life, you don't just learn why Gone With the Wind or Look Homeward, Angel are great books, you learn a little bit about the kind of person reading these books makes you. If you're a Conroy fan, My Reading Life will enrich your experience of all his books, but it's worthwhile for any lover of reading.

During National Library Week we celebrate all that libraries offer. We often say that the library has something for everyone, but the deeper truth is that the library has something for every person that you'd like to be. As Conroy illustrates, reading transforms a person, and the tools to "create your own story" are right here!

Click here to request My Reading Life in print, large print, or as an audiobook read by the author.


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