Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Book suggestions for Young Adults

"Somebody Everybody Listens To" by Suzanne Supplee is a Young Adult novel about a recent high school graduate who wants to become a country music star. Retta Lee Jones is a talented singer, known for her beautiful voice in her small hometown, but can she compete in Nashville with all the other girls pounding the streets to stardom. Will she become "somebody everybody listens to," or end up going home defeated?
This newly acquired book is recommended for anyone interested in music and in chasing dreams. It can be found in the Young Adult section of the library.

Need a good book to get you in the mood for Halloween? Check out one of the novels on display in the Young Adult area. Among the titles are:
Doppelganger by David Stahler Jr.
Blood Beast by Daren Shan
The Ghosts of Kerfol by Deborah Noyes
Vampire Kisses by Ellen Schreiber


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